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The One Question San Francisco's Mayor Asks Tech Companies

To keep entrepreneurs in the city, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee employs some admirable communication skills.

The One Question San Francisco's Mayor Asks Tech Companies

[Image: Flickr user Joe]

When it comes to keeping entrepreneurs and innovators from fleeing Silicon Valley, San Francisco mayor Ed Lee seems to be using a skill employed by many a good boss: compassionate communication. Lee told the New York Times that every Tuesday he meets with tech companies to "find out what their crazy name means, like Indiegogo, Yammer." Lee talks to the employees and has one question for them: "What do I need to do to keep you in the city?"

Compassionate communication with employees is a key skill that separates a good boss from a bad one, fostering loyalty and enthusiasm in workers. By meeting with his city's brightest minds, Lee is trying to foster the same kind of enthusiasm in San Francisco's entrepreneurs.

Lee recently spoke at Fast Company's Innovation Uncensored Conference in San Francisco, and said he tells companies: "Keep innovating, we'll be right there."