Google Is Bringing Music To Glass, With Stereo Earbuds

A singing glass? Not the finger-on-a-wine-glass kind. It’s Google’s smart, and now music-playing, headset.

Google Is Bringing Music To Glass, With Stereo Earbuds
[Image: Flickr user Giuseppe Constantino]

Google has confirmed it will bring its Play Music services to Google Glass. Will the audio playback facilities of Glass be good enough? Funny you should ask. Google is also releasing “uniquely engineered” stereo earbuds that will work with Glass like a conventional MP3 player or smartphone.

Play Music as well as Google’s streaming music system All Access will be available via the simple audio command “Okay Glass, listen to…” in a similar way to most of Glass’s commands.

Why is this big news? If Google Glass wants to rival the smartphone in prevalence, the integration of music is probably essential, considering how many of us walk around listening to music from our smartphones. The audio interface could deliver a really neat way to interact with your music archive (a bit like the geeky thrill of asking Siri to play something on an iPhone). It’s also a hint that Glass is approaching a public release.

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