Downloadable PlayStation Games Get A New Online Store: Amazon

Sony is expanding its PlayStation platform beyond its previous narrow confines.

Downloadable PlayStation Games Get A New Online Store: Amazon
[Image: Flickr user Alan Klim]

Sony is playing really smart with its upcoming PlayStation 4 hardware. It knows the games maketh the console, so it’s making it easier to buy them: Amazon is now offering downloadable digital titles for the PlayStation platform via the new Amazon PlayStation Network Store.

The games will be available to owners of PS3s and PS Vitas too, but the main thrust is clearly to support the PS4, due to launch imminently. Until now, the PlayStation Network has been the only way to get downloadable games for Sony’s machines, and Sony sets the price in concert with the game makers. Amazon seems likely to incentivize shoppers to visit its store by playing with the pricing (as the company loves to do), and it’s sweetening some deals already with the promise of a $5 credit to shoppers’ PSN accounts.

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