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"Quora Stats" Tells You If People Find Your Posts Useful

"It's like a personalized Google Analytics dashboard for your content."

[Image: Quora]

As some Quora users hits one million page views a month, the Q&A site has launched an analytics dashboard that gives writers insight into the performance of their posts, breaking down questions and answers by views, upvotes, and shares.

"It's one of the most popular product requests we've gotten from users," said Quora's Marc Bodnick, who oversees product marketing, site governance, community, and business operations. "It's like a personalized Google Analytics dashboard for your content."

Quora Stats, available on desktop and mobile, originated as a hackathon project, and the first prototype surfaced less than two months ago. The introduction of such a tool is a signal to users that Quora is a platform for them to build a brand and audience, though Bodnick noted there are no plans for writers to monetize their traffic success.

"We're very committed as a company to use data to make better decisions," he said. "We're excited we're giving our writers data tools to see how their writing is succeeding."

Though the company doesn't disclose user numbers, Quora currently has more than 450,000 topics on the site, and it projects page views for some writers will grow to 20 million to 30 million views annually "in the near future," Bodnick said.

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