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Tech Forecast

Rumors Say Apple's Bending Its Course Toward Curved Phones Too

A fresh rumor about Apple's next iPhone predicts curved displays and pressure-sensitive touch.

[Image: Flickr user Herman Frantzen]

Apple has joined Samsung and LG in the group of companies rumored to be building with bendy screens, thanks to a new report from Bloomberg that cites "sources familiar with the plans."

According to the report, two new iPhones for 2014 will come with curved screens. The smaller unit will have a 4.7-inch display and the larger one a 5.5-inch display (placing it firmly into the "phablet" category, and yes, sorry for typing that word here). Both those sizes are far bigger than the 4-inch screens of the current generation.

More interesting is a second rumor that Apple is looking at touchscreen tech that can sense pressure as well as multiple touches—think of the interface adjustments you could make with that (such as "press hard to delete"), and the innovative apps it could enable.