The Hot Underwear Models Selling This Motorcycle Are Not What You Would Expect

Companies use scantily clad models to sell things. This is not news. While we’re all used to seeing underwear-clad hot bodies hawking things like lingerie or perfume, muscle cars and motorcycles have a long history of draping nubile women over their products in order to instill a little extra sexiness to their wares.

So it made perfect sense when MotoCorsa, a Ducati dealership in Portland, Oregon, commissioned a photoshoot with a model climbing seductively all over a 1199 Panigale. When considering purchasing a $18,000, 195-horsepower superbike, it’s important to know what a woman would like if she fixed her makeup in its mirror while wearing just underwear. This is clearly the kind of situation one hopes to find oneself in when purchasing a bike of this caliber.

But, this being Portland, some equality was in order. The dealership’s male employees decided that they, too, would like to be objectified for the purpose of selling bikes. It’s only fair. And so MotoCorsa created an identical photoshoot, but with men.

MotoCorsa itself is rather subtle about the feminist motives behind the shoot, writing just that: “The CorsaCrew was complaining about our model Kylie getting to have all the fun, plus we had to listen to all the ladies who are sick and tired of bikes with bikini babes!”

The real message, though–made clear by the ridiculousness of the average (but great looking!) men posed ridiculously on the bikes–is that perhaps just because sex is the easiest way to sell something, it’s not necessarily the best. Though, really, it might actually be the best advertisement ever, because it turns out the bike might make the man: Perching on top of the 1199 Panigale makes everyone look sexy.MC