GE Is Throwing A Free Heavy Metal Concert In NYC With A Robot Band

General Electric’s “Brilliant Machines” campaign has the daunting goal of bringing the scope of the multinational’s laundry list of industrial technologies into focus for a broader audience.

GE and its agency BBDO New York have used Agent Smith and Marty McFly as pop culture gateways to everyday consumers to think about power turbines and connected hospital technology. Now the company is bringing Compressorhead a rock band made up of three 5-foot-tall robots (who hail from Germany, for some reason) to New York’s Union Square on November 12.

“This robot band really is the epitome of a brilliant machine,” says GE Creative Director Andy Goldberg, adding the key to distilling big concept technology down to accessible creative is finding one aspect that can resonate with consumers. “It just felt like a fun way to bring this story to life. The industrial internet, Big Iron, and Big Data is a complex, in-depth story and using things like this concert event is a way to get it out there and let people know we’re leading in this technology.”

To promote the day-long event, GE–with BBDO and Bose Collins–put up interactive posters that New Yorkers can plug their headphones into to get a preview of robot heavy metal onslaught to come. The concert will also be livestreamed on Spotify, along with a user-generated robot-inspired playlist. Or you can just play this on repeat forever.JB