Goodbye Bing? As Microsoft CEO, Stephen Elop Would Make Some Big Changes

Stephen Elop is a front-runner for Microsoft’s CEO role. Rumor has it he’d change things pretty drastically if he took the job.

Goodbye Bing? As Microsoft CEO, Stephen Elop Would Make Some Big Changes
[Image: Flickr user Meri Tosh]

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer is stepping down within the next year, and the company needs a new CEO. Ex-Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is now slated to be a favorite for the big chair at MS, and whispers from inside suggest Elop has some dramatic plans for Bill Gates’s old company.

Specifically, Elop is said to be planning to make as much money from Office as possible–both on MS’s own Windows tablets and phones and on rivals. Yes, this means the iPad. Windows itself is declining as the PC market changes, so Office and MS’s server software offers a more reliable income. He may also shut down Bing, Microsoft’s own flavor of global search engine, and perhaps the only real rival to Google out there at the moment. The theory is that Bing has been a distraction, and hasn’t returned its investment.

More shocking? A sell-off of the Xbox division, MS’s newest, shiniest revenue gem, about to get an extra bit of dazzle from the Xbox One.

What would be left of the old Microsoft? A company that makes PCs of different types and sells them, along with a comprehensive business package of front- and back-end software that sells mainly to enterprise customers.

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