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Google Glass Approved A Prescription And Custom Lens Maker

An 80-year-old optical firm will be producing "custom prescription, fashion and sport lenses" for Glass.

[Image: Flickr user Sarah F. Bowman]

Google Glass has approved what looks like the first third-party company to make a prescription-lens versions of its product. Rochester Optical, an 80-year-old firm, has been given the go-ahead to produce "custom prescription, fashion and sport lenses" for Google's wearable tech headset. Last month, the firm let it be known that a forthcoming upgrade would "allow your Glass to work with future lines of shades and prescription frames"—although that statement did not make it clear whether version 20.20 would sit atop a user's existing eyewear, or fit on top of Google-sanctioned specs.

The news was broken by Tim Moore, who has been one of the leading lights of Venture Glass, and is now Rochester Optical's marketing guy. He will be posting photos on his Google+ page later today, so keep your eyes peeled.

Will Rochester Optical/Glass collaborations be available in Google's new online store? For now, the details are fuzzy. Tinkerers, of course, may choose to stick with Will Turnage's hack, which used self-setting rubber and magnets.

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