Can You Tell Me What You See When You Try Google’s Rorshach Test?

Google’s inkblot doodle celebrates the test inventor’s birthday.

Can You Tell Me What You See When You Try Google’s Rorshach Test?

Do you see a butterfly? A man holding a weapon? A pool of ketchup? A mask from a cult movie? What you are looking at when you log into Google this morning, of course, is actually a representation of a Rorschach test–a controversial but still in-use psychological technique for tapping into a patient’s mental state, named for Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach. Today is his 129th birthday, and Google chose to celebrate it with one of its splendid Doodles.

But this is the 21st century of course, and Google has made the whole thing into a little social event. Click on the link beneath that image, and you can share what you see via Google+, Facebook, or newly IPO’d Twitter. Tapping on the inkblots makes the pattern change. The pattern I spotted among the inky shapes told me…that the entire thing could eat up a useful five minutes of your early morning work time.

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