Highlights From Innovation Uncensored San Francisco 2013

Fast Company‘s Innovation Uncensored conference in San Francisco featured some of the most innovative entrepreneurs of the moment. If you couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed.

So, you couldn’t attend Fast Company‘s Innovation Uncensored conference in San Francisco? That’s okay. We’ve pulled together some of the highlights that had attendees (and Fast Company!) tweeting up a storm:

Fast Company Editor Bob Safian talked to Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann about the Pinterest community and his plans for company growth:

Fast Company‘s Danielle Sacks sat down with Erin Clift, Vice President of Global Marketing and Partnerships at Spotify, Shanna Tellerman, a partner at Google Ventures, and Beth Comstock, Chief Marketing Officer of GE to discuss how big brands are investing in entrepreneurs to spawn new micro-industries:

The Smart Tech Foundation announced the Smart Tech Firearms Challenge, a call for ideas that “accelerate the development of technologies that could prevent accidental deaths and reduce violent crime.”

Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO of Yelp, and Max Levchin, cofounder of Paypal, shared their thoughts on reimagining an industry:

Stoppelman raised a good question: Why haven’t we made driving safer yet?

Max Chafkin hosted a live oral history from the designers behind the Apple products that changed your world. On stage: Abigail Sarah Brody, Robert Brunner, Hartmut Esslinger, Nitin Ganatra, Andy Grignon, Tim Kobe, Dave Morin, and Jeff Zwerner.

We asked the panelists to tell us the first Apple product they encountered, and then we extended the question to social media:

Roman Mars, one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People 2013, and the creator of the 99% Invisible podcast, talked about creative sources of innovation:

We spoke to Marine Lt. Col. Phil Treglia about his efforts to manage the world’s most difficult startup: The Afghan Army.

Ayah Bdeir, Founder and CEO of littleBits, talked about her goal of turning everyone into an inventor by putting basic analog electronics into their hands.

23andMe’s Anne Wojcicki, the boldest CEO in America, spoke about her genetics-testing company’s goal of changing the health care system:

Instagram cofounder Mike Krieger and chef April Bloomfield shared their tips on staying true to your creative vision in times of huge growth and success:

MIT Media Lab guru Joi Ito said we each need to play all four of these roles to make innovation happen: