Party Guide: Good Taste

Party Guide: Good Taste
[Photos by Greg Broom | Prop Styling by Hannah Jensen]
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1. Porcelain Ice Cream Cone

This handcrafted dish has all the charm of a cone, minus the drippy mush that often leaks out the bottom. Have your cone and eat all the ice cream, too. ($18,

2. Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop

Consulting firm Lunar Design is now making its own wares, starting with an ice-cream scoop whose elongated head is canted at 45 degrees–the scooping sweet spot, according to very important research. (Starting at $40,

3. Sugar Knife Marshmallows

Oakland-based Sugar Knife uses none of the corn syrup and gelatin found in standard marshmallows, and instead concocts its spiked treats–in flavors such as Guinness-chocolate and Frangelico–with all-artisanal ingredients. ($7,

4. Stacking Nut and Shell Bowl

Michael Graves’s vast new housewares collection for JCPenney is full of “aha” design details, like this serving dish: It’s made from ceramic and terracotta, and it comes with a handy hiding spot for pistachio shells and olive pits. ($30,

5. Short Stack Editions

Pocket-size and smartly illustrated, these are single-ingredient cookbooks made by chefauthors. Published so far: eggs, tomatoes, and strawberries. ($12,