Party Guide: Your Bar, Curated

Cups, spirits, billiards–the shopping list for holiday festivities goes on and on. This batch of thoughtfully designed goods for playing, sipping, snacking, and (inevitably) cleaning it all up means no host has to hit Party City.

Party Guide: Your Bar, Curated
[Photos by Greg Broom | Prop Styling by Hannah Jensen]
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1. Alacrán Tequila

Alacrán harvests and distills its blanco tequila (seen here) and mescal in interior Mexican towns, then bottles them with a modern and clean matte finish that seems to say, “Not for frat parties.” ($42,


2. Crest Bottle Openers

These brass church keys, by Brooklynbased Fort Standard, put geometry to work: The circles and triangles lend support to the slender outer frame, popping tops with minimal material. ($60,

3. Cecil & Merl Bitters

Bitters makers sell some esoteric flavors–from celery to Jamaican Jerk seasoning–but at-home bartenders can do plenty with classic fruit notes. A few dashes of these add a mellow kick of cherry to bourbon and gin drinks. ($26,

4. Festa

These stackable wine and champagne glasses, by kitchen-gadget creators Kinto, are classier than red Solo cups–and even more party hearty: Removable stems double as shot glasses. ($35 for four,

5. Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction Spirits

It’s a heady name for small-batch spirits based on family recipes, such as Mom’s rhubarb tea. But Steven Grasse (creator of Hendrick’s Gin) thinks big: “The more we buy cheap crap, the more we lose our aura as a culture.” ($33,

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