Party Guide: Designer Games

Cups, spirits, billiards–the shopping list for holiday festivities goes on and on. This batch of thoughtfully designed goods for playing, sipping, snacking, and (inevitably) cleaning it all up means no host has to hit Party City.

Party Guide: Designer Games
[Photos by Greg Broom | Prop Styling by Hannah Jensen]
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1. Flow Radio and Speaker

Most portable speakers look like Crayola-colored toys. This one, by Philip Wong for Lexon, channels Dieter Rams’s trademark minimalism with a transparent plastic case that shows off the petite radio’s engine and dials, and little else. ($85,


2. Billy Reid x The Principals Dominoes

Early dominoes were made of ivory; we’re all better without that. But players will appreciate this upgrade: These tiles are cast from concrete, giving them an heirloom-quality heft. “It becomes something you don’t want to let go of,” says the Principals cofounder Drew Seskunas. ($55,

3. Iota Cards

Joe Doucet’s modern playing cards replace ornate kings and queens with a blank white slate, and distill the four suits into small geometric motifs. Minimalists will go all in. ($25,

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