Take An Interactive Look At The World If All Our Ice Melted

The world’s supply of ice essentially functions as an enormous storage locker for water. Unfortunately, this particular storage system is unsustainable. Now, National Geographic is giving us a sobering look at what’s going to happen after it’s gone.

While we’ve got enough to panic about in the near term, let’s be clear about something–according to National Geographic, scientists say it will take more than 5,000 years for all that ice to melt away. (If, that is, our habit of adding carbon to the atmosphere doesn’t speed things up, which … yeah.) In the meantime, though, the publication has created an interactive map showing how the world will look once all the ice has melted and the sea begins to rise.

The map shows each continent, post-thaw, with outlines of where present-day shorelines stand. Clicking on a toggle-icon shows viewers where certain cities will be, water-wise, in this unfortunate future. Californians will be psyched to know only part of their state may become a watery memory. Unfortunately for Floridians, their entire state might sink into the sea (along with a good chunk of the rest of the Eastern seaboard.)

Have a look at some more of the bad news in the slides above.JB