Isn’t It Time Your Favorite Songs Were Remixed By Dogs?

In the year 2000, a little song called “Who Let the Dogs Out?” seemed as though it might have ruined the sound of dogs barking along to a beat forever and ever. After 13 years, though, some of us are perhaps ready to let the dogs back in, musically speaking, and a new app has made it extremely easy.

Image: Flickr user I AM RUBY

Dogstep sounds like either a horrible new subgenre of music, or a step aerobics class for puppies, but it’s actually much better than either of those things. Created by music tech guru Paul Lamere, creator of Infinite Jukebox, Dogstep is a web app that adds canine accompaniment to any song. Right before your very ears, “Whoomp, There It Is” becomes “Woof, There It Is,” etc., and so forth.

Now, anybody sick of the inescapable Macklemore hit, “Thrift Shop,” can listen to a version of it whose beat now incorporates cacophonous recurring barks. Somehow, each bar of the beat finds a suitable doggy-equivalent to fill in for it. (Lamere breaks down the mechanics of it here.) No matter what song you choose to upload, chances are it will be much preferable to the Kidz Bop version of same.

H/t to AnimalJB