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Lululemon Founder Says Yoga Pants Don't Work For Some Women's Bodies

What kind of position do you have to master to get your foot this far into your mouth?

Lululemon Founder Says Yoga Pants Don't Work For Some Women's Bodies

[Image: Flickr user Jason Michael]

Lululemon, the high-end women's yogawear brand, can't seem to move past a months-old flap regarding a line of yoga pants customers found to be see-through when in certain positions. In a recent interview, cofounder Chip Wilson implies that perhaps it's not the pants that are the problem—it's the size of the wearers' thighs.

Questioned for comment on customer complaints about the pants being too sheer and pilling in a recent interview with Bloomberg TV's Street Smart, Wilson said: "Some women's bodies just don't work for it."

When host Trish Regan pressed Wilson to elaborate, he added, "They don't work for some women's bodies. It's really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there over a period of time, how much they use it."

Wilson's cofounder and wife, Shannon, interjected, saying it's important to consider how the pants are being treated. "Are you sitting on a cement ground?" she asked.

When initial complaints about the pants' sheerness first surfaced in April, the company recalled 17% of retail inventory for that particular style, and its chief product officer announced she would leave the company. Although the company recently hired a new chief product officer, it has yet to name a replacement for outbound CEO Christine Day , who announced her resignation in June.