• 11.07.13

The Twitter IPO Players Club: Suhail Rizvi

Many of the players in Twitter’s IPO game are already successful, well-known folk. And Thursday’s IPO made some of them very rich indeed.

The Twitter IPO Players Club: Suhail Rizvi
[Image: Flickr user Mike and Annabel Beales]

Who he is: founder of private equity firm Rizvi Traverse Management. He’s been involved in many high-profile Hollywood deals, including taking Playboy private for Hugh Hefner, and buying then selling the studio behind the Twilight series. Yes, that Twilight.


He’s also known to be an investor in Facebook, Flipboard, and Square.

His relationship with Twitter: Large-scale investor on behalf of himself and his investors. His stake, acquired carefully over time partly with the help of his friend Chris Sacca, is said to be as much as 15%. This involvement was not properly understood until Twitter’s S-1 filing.

What he’s worth now: A lot. Did you note the word “Twilight” up there? His board membership at Joes Jeans alone earned him $70,000 in 2011. He’s been in private investment for 20 years.

What he’ll earn via Twitter’s IPO: Estimates placed his share at an equivalent value of over $2 billion on IPO, but when the price closed at nearly $45 on day one that total was more like $3.4 billion.

What he’ll likely do with the money: It’s going to sound boring, but we reckon more of the same. Investing, buying up entire Hollywood talent agencies and so on, both personally and on behalf of big name investors like Richard Branson.

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