This Ad Asks You To Tap into Your Inner, More Generous Ape

A new campaign for Operation Smile by Sao Paulo-based agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi looks back along the evolutionary chain to encourage people to “donate a smile” to children in need.

Since 1997, the NGO has performed more than 5,600 reconstructive cleft lip surgeries on disadvantaged kids but now finds itself in tough financial straits. The agency took inspiration from a Duke University study that explored the ancestral nature of empathy, in this case, how a monkey decides to share its food with another completely unknown monkey.

According to executive creative director Eduardo Lima, the tagline “Stay Apes” is to remind us that “the act of sharing is what helped us evolve as a species and should never be ignored.”

Of course, there are a few distinct differences between monkeys and apes–tails!–but you get the point. We’re all primates, right?JB