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Facebook Wants To Be Your TV Guide

In its latest attempt to woo television viewers, Facebook will remind you when your favorite shows are playing.

Facebook Wants To Be Your TV Guide

[Image: Flickr user JoeLodge]

Users of Facebook's Android app can now set reminders to alert them when a TV show that they have liked on its Facebook Page is about to start.

The new feature is Facebook's latest attempt to hijack Twitter's hold on TV audiences. Last month, the company announced that it would be sharing its TV-related data with broadcasters, coming just weeks after it created an API tool to share real-time comments on its network with selected partners, including BuzzFeed, CNN, and NBC.

Appealing to television viewers is not the only move Facebook has borrowed from its 140-character rival. Facebook has also imitated Twitter features like trending topics, hashtags, and a verification system for famous people's accounts.

Facebook wants to play with Twitter's flat, square toy in the corner of the sitting room, and it's trying every single trick in the book to persuade the other social media pre-schooler, whose first day at the Wall Street kindergarten is today, to hand over the remote controller.