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Developer Push By Google Hints Public Launch For Glass Is On The Way

Google looks to be preparing for a public launch of its Glass headset.

Developer Push By Google Hints Public Launch For Glass Is On The Way

[Image: Flickr user Giuseppe Constantino]

Google is reportedly inviting app developers to a two-day hackathon-like event in San Francisco. At the event, scheduled for late November, Google will show off its Glassware Software Development Kit (SDK) and allow the short list of attendees (Google notes its facility can only hold a limited number of people) to "test" it out.

A two-day event sounds like it will involve much more than Google merely talking through the various aspects of the Glassware SDK. Google wants to get developers deeply involved in writing code for Glass and to shape the experience so that they produce the apps Google would like Glass to run.

Until now, interested Glass developers have had to make do with a sort of pseudo SDK, but the new Glassware SDK will likely give them more direct access to the hardware and services they need in order to build more sophisticated apps.

The hackathon suggests Google is working very hard to get its systems in order for a public launch of Glass. A suite of promising, novel, exciting, and useful apps—each steered by careful advice from Google at the event—would certainly help woo buyers, in the same way the iPhone app store is a draw to the iPhone.