The Lone Wolf: Killer Apps For Flying Solo

Basecamp (iOS and web)


If you’re in need of the ultimate do-it-from-anywhere collaboration tool, you’ve found it. Basecamp provides one organized space for teams to work in tandem–create collaborative to-do lists and zip around files, pictures, videos, and more.

Yammer (iOS and web)

Yammer is a Twitter/Facebook-like interoffice social network that’s perfect for remote workers and freelancers. Share your ideas, files, photos, and receive a weekly digest of your office’s activity.

(It’s great for cat pictures too!)

Quip (iOS and Android)

Quip is a mobile word processor that allows users to collaborate on documents (or not) and utilize a range of features, such as “chat-like” updates, notifications, Interactive lists, and offline capabilities.

Skype (iOS and Android)

You already know about Skype (unless you’re living in a hole, in which case you likely don’t need Skype).

So if you haven’t already, take advantage of its mobile capabilities–you can connect with all your friends, family, or coworkers from just about anywhere.

Plus, have you seen this new ad? It will probably make you cry:

Feedly (iOS and Android)

Google reader is dead and you’ve had to reboot the way you read news. Good thing there’s Feedly, a customizable sort-of-RSS-Reader news-organization tool that’s easy on the eyes and rich in content.