The Connector: Killer Apps For Maintaining The Ultimate Network

Evernote Hello (iOS and Android)


Making connections means meeting people, lots of people. Evernote Hello is a tool to help you remember who you’re meeting with now and who you’ve met in the past. Best yet, it means you can finally ditch your business cards.

Circle (iOS and Android)

Circle is a beautifully designed local networking app with a slant toward professionals. It’ll show you the people around you, local events, and local chatter on social networks.

Sunrise (iOS)

Calendar apps can do more than just tell you the date. Sunrise comes with a bunch of fun social features–like Facebook integration and birthday reminders–so you can always stay connected with your network.

Wiggio (iOS and web)

Wiggio is a (free!) set of collaboration tools so you and your team can get organized without breaking the bank.

Evernote (iOS and Android)

With millions of downloads, Evernote is one of the most popular productivity apps to date. It allows users to “remember anything” through notes, photos, to-do lists, and voice reminders. It’s also completely searchable and works across multiple devices.

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