Conference Calendar

Conference Calendar

December 2013

December 4–5: Corporate Social Media Summit Europe
Reps from Honda, Lego, and McDonald’s show attendees how to build a social media strategy.


December 9: Change Management for Leaders
The workplace is ever-changing. Learn how to adapt and to bring others along with you.

December 9–11: The Lean Startup
San Francisco
Sponsor Andreessen Horowitz brings entrepreneurs together to focus on how to grow faster.

December 11: Most Contagious
London and New York
Part awards show, part business conference, gazing into a technology-shaped business future.

December 13: Lost Remote
Los Angeles
Explore how social media partnerships and campaigns are changing the TV industry.

January 2014

January 9–16: Annual Conference of the Emerging Markets Conference Board
Delhi, India
How do you define marketing successes in emerging markets? There’s no easy answer, but this conference has many.

January 24–25: International Marketing Trends Conference
Venice, Italy
Academics and professionals work to innovate, and celebrate innovators, in the fast-moving marketing world.

January 28–31: Florida Educational Technology Conference
Discover technology being used to transform the classroom–changing the jobs of teachers, deans, and administrators.