Yahoo Continues Revamp With New Finance App

The new app and an updated finance website are the latest results of Yahoo’s promise to improve its wide-ranging products.


In its latest effort to improve and unify its products, Yahoo launched a redesigned app and website for its finance product on Wednesday morning.


The redesigns follow revamps of Yahoo Mail, Yahoo-owned Flickr, the Yahoo iOS app, and the Yahoo homepage.

“The focus on clean, consistent design is something we’ve been striving for,” Yahoo VP of Mobile Product Mike Kerns told Fast Company.

The new finance website features a new article format that Yahoo has previously introduced to other sections of its site. It’s also now possible to follow a new stock on the site with just one click, and updated modules show snackable tidbits of data like the percent change on major exchanges and a calendar of upcoming financial events.

Yahoo’s new finance app, which will replace its MarketDash app and current finance app on the iPhone and iPad, simply looks better than its predecessors (“We wanted to make it a really, really beautiful experience,” says Kerns). It will also alert users with push alerts when important news breaks about their portfolio companies.

Finance is one of Yahoo’s most popular and important content categories. “Relative to other products, it has one of the most loyal bases of followers who are some of our most frequent users,” Kerns says. Yahoo must hope they’ll respond better to the redesign than the users of Yahoo’s other important category, sports, some of whom said that redesign killed their favorite features.

UPDATE: Yahoo had delayed the launch of its new finance website. The app will launch Wednesday as planned.

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