• 11.07.13

The Twitter IPO Players Club: Peter Currie

Many of the players in Twitter’s IPO game are already successful, well-known folk. And Thursday’s IPO made some of them very rich indeed.

The Twitter IPO Players Club: Peter Currie
[Image: AP Photo | Pablo Martinez Monsivais]

Who he is: Peter Currie is something of a Silicon Valley legend.


He was recently grabbed by software analytics company New Relic to join its board, served as a financial advisor to Facebook, and was even a key player in the tech IPO that started it all back in 1995 (Netscape, for those of you too young to remember). As Kara Swisher puts it, Currie is the “go-to elder statesman in the Web 2.0 era.” He’s also the president of his own investment firm, and was one of the nine key figures behind social news aggregator Flipboard’s Series A funding round.

His relationship with Twitter: He’s been an influential board member since December 2010 (being on boards is something Currie seemingly loves to do).

What he’s worth now: His work with Netscape and Facebook make Currie a wealthy man indeed. As an outside director of Twitter he’s also potentially earning up to $8 million in stocks and shares per year.

What he’ll earn via Twitter’s IPO: Currie is said to own 291,666 shares in Twitter, which means that at the end of the first day of Twitter stock trading he was worth something like an additional $13 million.

What he’ll likely do with the money: Invest, invest, invest, invest again, and make more money. Apart from being the smart go-to chap for many startups, investing is his main thing. He’s already got a pile of cash, so Twitter’s income probably won’t change much.

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