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A Rally Is Set to Take Place Outside Of Twitter Headquarters On IPO Day

A Thursday-morning press conference will take place at the Twitter offices just as TWTR will become a public traded entity.

A Rally Is Set to Take Place Outside Of Twitter Headquarters On IPO Day

[Image: Flickr user John Steven Fernandez]

Twitter is gearing up for its public debut on Thursday morning. Meanwhile San Franciscans are gearing up for their own Thursday morning event: a Twitter headquarters protest.

United under the hashtags ThrownOutByTwitter and ThrownOutXTwitter, locals are revving their engines to rally against the company they hold accountable for some recent issues plaguing the city.

Twitter executives are slated to become instantaneously wealthy with the highly anticipated New York Stock Exchange exposure, especially with the new price increase of shares now ranging from $23 to $25. Simultaneous to Twitter's 6:30 a.m. Thursday market appearance, city dwellers will be on location with a scheduled presser to bring attention to the company's role in the San Francisco "eviction crisis" and to corporate tax breaks. According to the San Francisco Bay Guardian, the "rally is being sponsored by a host of community-based organizations including Manilatown Heritage Foundation, Jobs With Justice, POOR Magazine, SEIU United Service Workers West, and others."