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Is it Time To Go Analog?

While old print brands try expanding their online presence, the cooking directory is going in reverse: Its new (print) magazine debuts with a December issue. Can other digital directories benefit from a lower-tech extension? Three branding experts dream up new projects.

Is it Time To Go Analog?

[Illustration by David Schwen]

Amy Rogoff

Executive director, The Gild New York

YELP: Coffee-table books
"Yelp is about sharing as much as reviews."

ROTTEN TOMATOES: Movie-screening series
"Local critics on hand to debate the films."

CRAIGLIST: Anthologies
"Compile the best-of lists, many of which go viral."

Peter Dixon

Creative director, Prophet

YELP: Manned kiosks "Influence people at high-traffic areas."

ROTTEN TOMATOES: Video booths "Moviegoers could review films in the theater afterward."

CRAIGLIST: Flea market "Craigslist is targeted search; this is for browsing."

Ari Halper

Executive creative director, Grey

YELP: Page-a-day calendar "I could cross off all the restaurants I try."

ROTTEN TOMATOES: Newspaper section "Paper's critics could go head-to-head with readers."

CRAIGLIST: [Won't play along] "I don't see its going analog as being a good idea."

A version of this article appeared in the December 2013 / January 2014 issue of Fast Company magazine.