• 11.07.13

Twitter IPO Players Club: Adam Bain

Many of the players in Twitter’s IPO game are already successful, well-known folk. And Thursday’s IPO made some of them very rich indeed.

Twitter IPO Players Club: Adam Bain

Who he is: Adam Bain is formerly the president of the Audience Network and EVP of product and technology at Fox Interactive–and was president of production and development at Fox Sports before that.


He’s also been a producer at the L.A. Times. Now his Twitter profile calls him a “dad of 2 under 4, insomniac.” He’s said by the Financial Times to be a “huge sports and entertainment fan” and at Twitter he’s “championed Twitter’s partnerships with media companies and sports leagues.” Bain is also quoted as backing up Twitter’s plans to partner up with TV because it is “a bridge, not an island” and can act as “a bridge to things that appear on many screens.” Speaking to Fast Company in early 2012, Bain also talked up future plans to enable more marketing and brand leveraging at Twitter, including “buying from tweets.”

His relationship with Twitter: He’s president of global revenue, possibly one of the most critical roles approaching IPO, as Twitter has to sell itself on a revenue growth story.

What he’s worth now: Not known, but we do know his core salary at Twitter is $200,000 plus stock.

What he’ll earn via Twitter’s IPO: Bain reportedly owns 1,722,350 shares. That means at the end of trading day one his stock was worth something like $77 million!

What he’ll likely do with the money: Bain’s certainly earned his potential windfall, having helped bring Twitter’s revenues to a respectable enough level to be ready for IPO. The cash could allow him to pull off more philanthropic work, such as his membership at Palindrome, an advisory system to help nonprofits function better.

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