The Twitter IPO Players Club: Biz Stone

Many of the players in Twitter’s IPO game are already successful, well-known folk. And Thursday’s IPO made some of them very rich indeed.

The Twitter IPO Players Club: Biz Stone
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Who he is: Biz Stone is the cheeky, cheerful vegan co-inventor of Twitter, angel investor, and something of an Internet phenomenon.


He’s also helped build companies including Xanga, Blogger, Odeo, and the highly mysterious new startup Jelly. Stone is perhaps the most accessible face of Twitter, and recently revealed that his advice to Twitter staff in its infancy was to be “like Ron Howard”–a child star who avoided the usual pitfalls of early fame and instead grew up to be, well, likable and successful. He seems like a straightforward guy, as you can see via his Medium article: “Too many settings and options frustrate and confuse me. I like making simple stuff because I enjoy simple stuff.”

Stone is also said to have walked away from a hard offer of $2 million in Google stock in order to pursue the opportunities with Twitter.

His relationship to Twitter: Cofounder, but left in 2011. The Twitter IPO was first revealed via Stone’s tweet.

What he’s worth now: Estimates place Stone’s net worth at about $200 million.

What he’ll earn via Twitter’s IPO: This may be the biggest mystery surrounding Twitter’s IPO. The S-1 filing makes no mention of Stone holding any Twitter shares, leading to a lot of confused debate and the notion that he holds zero stock, having sold it off-market beforehand. The truth is more likely that Stone doesn’t appear on the S-1 because he’s not an official of the company any more nor does he own more than 5% stock. Let’s say he is holding a straight 5% stake: At closing on launch day Twitter’s price was $44.9, which means if Biz really does own a 5% stake it’s now worth close to $1.1 billion.

What he’ll likely do with the money: Fund whatever the heck Jelly is, and any other entrepreneurial ideas he has (like the synthetic meat startup Beyond Meat that he’s backing). Stone is also involved with much charity work, so it’s possible some of his causes may benefit from his income.

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