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Where Will Your New Phone Break?

Broken smartphones have cost Americans $13 billion over the past five years, says warranty company SquareTrade, which also surveyed where in the home they break. Should you receive a new iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4 this holiday season, here's where to be careful.

Where Will Your New Phone Break?

[Cracked Screen: Jim Hughes via Shutterstock]

Most recent smart phone accident was in the home

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Android: 12% iPhone: 8%

Living Room

Android: 21% iPhone: 17%


Android: 15% iPhone: 21%


Android: 13% iPhone: 16%


Android: 9% iPhone: 9%

Washing Machine

Android: 4% iPhone: 4%

Roof of Car

Android: 6% iPhone: 6%


Android: 13% iPhone: 10%

A version of this article appeared in the December 2013 / January 2014 issue of Fast Company magazine.