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British Supermarket Chain To Use Face-Scanning Technology On Customers For Ad Targeting

The system is similar to how advertising works on your social media account, but instead of a profile, it uses a camera.

[Image: Flickr user TRENTBRIDGE TROLL]

British supermarket chain Tesco is installing a face-scanning technology in all of its 450 gas stations that will help target ads at customers who are waiting in line to pay.

The technology uses cameras to identify the age and sex of store customers. Although it has been described as being "like something out of Minority Report," the system has been licensed from French firm Quividi and, says a spokesman, does not store images, nor does it use biometric data. Tesco, whose mobile division is one of the few corporate entities to have figured out Twitter, played down the Big Brother aspect of the system. "This is not new technology," a spokesperson said. "No data images are collected or stored, and the system does not use eyeball scanners or facial recognition technology."

To avoid being targeted, says The Guardian, wear a baseball cap, keep your eyes averted from the advertising screen, or pay at the pump.

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