The Procrastinator: Killer Apps For Getting To It Later, Man

Apps for those who are very, very intimate with deadlines. In fact, they haven’t met one yet they didn’t blow.


Boxer (iOS)


An e-mail manager with options to set reminders for later is perfect for a procrastinator. Add to that the ability to manage a to-do list, and “like” emails, along with a slew of other features, and you’ve got yourself a nice looking email client.

Do It (Tomorrow) (iOS and Android)

The to-do list app made for procrastinators, Do It (Tomorrow) reminds users of what to do, but makes it easy to push items over to the next day.

Localscope (iOS)

Localscope calls itself a “location browser.” The app pulls geotagged locations from sites like Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, and Yelp. It will then give you directions to a destination of interest, or simply let you explore the world around you–and how different services interact with it.

Evernote (iOS and Android)


With millions of downloads, Evernote is one of the most popular productivity apps to date. It allows users to “remember anything” through notes, photos, to-do lists, and voice reminders. It’s also completely searchable and works across multiple devices.

So, save whatever you’re doing for later. When the time comes Evernote will be able to tell you exactly what you need to know.

Mint (iOS and Android)

Only bad things can happen when you put off your bills for too long. That’s where Mint’s got your back: just hook the app up to your bank account and it’ll not only track your budget (who doesn’t love graphs?), but send you a reminder when your account’s low, or you need to pay that phone bill.

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