The Mono-Tasker: Killer Apps To Keep You Focused

RescueTime (web)


It’s hard to do work on the Internet when you have access to so much, like social networks, and cute pictures of cats, and did we mention the cats? RescueTime puts an end to procrastination and allows you to temporarily block websites you deem distracting, and alerts you if you’re spending too much time on certain tasks.

OmniFocus (iOS and web)

OmniFocus is the Holy Grail of to-do list apps. It lets you sort your tasks by contacts and calendar day and includes location-based reminders.

AwayFind (iOS and Android)

Email sucks. You also check it way too often. So why not have a service cut through the fat, and deliver the most urgent, important emails straight to you?

Ambiance (iOS and Android)

Ambiance does what it sounds like it might: provides you with thousands of calming sounds to help users focus, from “Thunderstorm” to “French Cafe.”

Tweetbot (iOS and web)

The amount of people who use Twitter on Twitter (literally is dwindling. Tweetbot is a fantastic alternative with switchable timeline views and customizable features that will leave you cringing at the sight of a single stream of tweets.

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