The Multitasker: Killer Apps For Doing It All (At Once)

Does your browser have 25 tabs open right now? If so, these are the apps you’re looking for.


IFTTT (web)


IFTTT stands for “If This Then That.” It’s pretty straightforward: the service enables you to set automatic actions between apps. If [this] happens, it does [that].

Example: “If I check into Foursquare, then add it to my Google Calendar.”

Now, imagine the possibilities.

Google Now (iOS and Android)

Google Now is the Swiss Army knife of apps. The all-in-one predictive assistant gives users location-based reminders, real-time flight statuses, traffic updates and directions, car rentals, hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, birthday reminders, and whatever else you can think of.

Lift (iOS and web)


If you’re doing too much at one time, you’re not going to have the time to properly visualize what you’re doing. Lift lets users create, track, and analyze personal habits and goals–perfect for some reflection and inspiration.

Mailbox (iOS)

The eagerly awaited email client Mailbox manages your inbox manager in the most delightful ways: There’s no amount of clutter it can’t handle. You can hit snooze on emails to appear later (one hour, tomorrow, or next week), quickly swipe emails to trash or archive, and view conversations as if in a chat.

Wunderlist (iOS and Android)

Wunderlist is an all-around to-do list app with multiple lists for projects, assignments, and anything that requires an extra set of organization.

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