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The Recommender
Shara Senderoff CEO, Intern Sushi Recommends
L-R, from the top: Allyson Downey, Jesse Finkelstein, John Maguire, Shara Senderoff, Stacey Tank,
Marc de Grandpre, Chris Terrill, Amy Callahan, Victoria MacLean, and Dwight Merriman

Allyson Downey

Cofounder and CEO


WriteThat.Name: “This Gmail plug-in scans my email and automatically converts the signatures into addressbook contacts. It then syncs to my iPhone, so I always have people’s phone numbers at my fingertips.”
The Interestings: “Meg Wolitzer’s novel captures the incomparable friendships that grow out of summer camp better than anything I’ve ever read or seen.”

Jesse Finkelstein


Dis magazine: “It looks at all things fashion, art, and music. I love a place where I can read a review of Fashion Week alongside an interview with Thomas Hirschhorn.”
Artsy: “Not only is it a gorgeous site, but the art genome project is absolutely brilliant–a living genealogy of art and artists. I would like to see something similar for design.”


John Maguire

CEO and president
Friendly’s Ice Cream

Over 40 Magnifier and Flashlight: “My kids tease me about my frequent use of this app, but for someone who misplaces his glasses far too often, it’s a real lifesaver.”
Connect on Time: “This app is crucial for frequent travelers. It shows you where your gates are in the airport and maps out how long it takes to walk (or run!) there in order to make your next flight.”

Shara Senderoff

Intern Sushi

advertisement “This app is an efficiency phenomenon for the overachieving multitasker. It syncs your tasks from all devices right into your browsing/emailing experience.”
The Four Agreements: “This book, by Miguel Angel Ruiz, is an exploration into the human condition and a discovery of the self-limiting actions and reactions that cause unnecessary stress.”

Stacey Tank

Chief corporate relations officer
Heineken U.S.A.

Zady: “What a great shopping destination. It’s all about sustainable economic development and revival of craft traditions.”
7 Minute Workout: “It’s a great travel app, especially in small hotels without gyms. All you need is a chair to get results.”


Marc de Grandpre

SVP of marketing
Kind Snacks

Charity Miles: “This app remindsme to make time for my morning runs. For every mile I run, I donate 25¢ back to Autism Speaks, an organization very close to my heart.”
Coffitivity: “I recently ran this app (which produces the ambient sounds of coffee shops) within my office, and it’s proven effective in creative brainstorming.”

Chris Terrill



Sedition: “It takes amazing video art and plays it on your TV , tablet, or smartphone. I love that they’ve bridged the gap between museum video installations and affordable at-home art.”
Chief Architect: “Right now I’m doing a 100% restoration of a 1910 home and can’t live without this software. I’ve rendered and re-rendered the entire house in 3-D many times over.”

Amy Callahan

Collective Bias

TheSkimm: “It’s a daily newsletter that simplifies the previous day’s headlines. It’s a quick and engaging read and very helpful for busy people who want to stay current.”
YouEarnedIt: “This program is exactly what I need to get my team excited and engaged. It allows employees to reward and recognize each other within the company using a point system, which can be redeemed for cool prizes.”


Victoria MacLean


Contagious: Why Things Catch On:
“Jonah Berger answers the questions we all ask–like why some ideas seemingly spread overnight, while others disappear.”
Advanced Style: “In unlocking the secrets to timeless style, this blog showcases incredibly fashionable women of age on the streets of New York.”

Dwight Merriman

Cofounder and chairman


La Bota: “I’m a big wine fan, and this is my favorite sherry. The key is to drink it the day you open it, because these clear, nonoxidized ones don’t last once opened.”
The Low Highway: “It’s easier for me to find time to listen to something rather than to read books. I’ve been listening to Steve Earle’s latest album, which has a haunting beauty, yet some folksy crunch.”