The Early Bird: Killer Apps To Beat The Crowd

Argus (iOS)


Argus is the perfect all-in-one app for tracking your sleep, fitness, eating habits.

Carrot (iOS)

You need a productivity app with an attitude. Otherwise you’ll never get anything done. Carrot rewards you with prizes for completing tasks throughout the day or gives you a stern (and hilarious) talking to if you fall behind.

Fantastical (iOS)

Fantastical is a powerful, well-designed calendar that gives user a full-day view and lets you create events quickly.

Feedly (iOS, Android, and web)

Google Reader is dead and you’ve had to reboot the way you read news. Good thing there’s Feedly, a customizable sort-of-RSS-Reader news organization tool that’s easy on the eyes and rich in content.

RightInbox (web)

If you’re shy about your habit of writing emails at 4 a.m., RightInbox may be the email scheduling app for you. Not only can you schedule emails (and reminders attached to those emails) at any point, the app tells you when your email’s been opened and even when the links inside your email have been opened.

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