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AirPR Launches Analytics Dashboard For Publicists

AirPR analyst is a web and social media analytics platform designed for advertising, marketing, and public relations.

AirPR Launches Analytics Dashboard For Publicists

[Image: DARPA/Public Domain]

A recently launched analytics platform is hoping that publicists and marketers will bite for a dashboard aimed toward their industry. AirPR Analyst is a web and media tracker designed to give agencies and in-house teams real-time engagement, optimization, and awareness data, with a specific set of features designed to easily compare chatter about clients' projects on the Internet to those of competitors. In a recent product demo, AirPR emphasized the ease of using the dashboard for users: Setup takes less than half an hour in most cases, and the dashboard generates usable reports within 24 hours. Judging from the feature set shown at the demonstration, many of the metrics are designed to help publicists and marketing teams generate data for reports more quickly than out-of-the-box web/social media analytics dashboards.

One of the dashboard's users, Marissa Arnold of New York Stock Exchange operator NYSE Euronext, told Fast Company that "Our visibility platform delivers exceptional benefits for our issuer community, customers, and the NYSE Euronext brand. It’s quite valuable that AirPR Analyst is aiming to help companies like NYSE Euronext measure the impact of PR activities." AirPR CEO Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer added in a release that the software offers "standardized metrics to show companies how they measure up to industry competitors while enabling them to customize metrics important to their brand that can be tracked to specific business outcomes and analyzed for future campaigns."

AirPR Analyst is also a harbinger of a larger trend of publicists embracing big data-integrating web and social media analytics. Social media marketing firm Vocus makes a similar product, and public relations giants Ketchum and Hill+Knowlton Strategies are both known to have in-house analytics dashboards. But by far from a very non-scientific poll of publicists Fast Company contacted, most firms rely on general analytics providers such as Topsy and Gnip that do not specifically tailor their product to publicists or marketers.