The Night Owl: Killer Apps For Burning The Midnight Oil

Apps for those who reach peak productivity after everyone else has gone to bed.


Buffer (iOS, Android and web)


The folks at Buffer know all kinds of things: they know the science of writing tweetable tweets, the surprising history of the to-do list, and why we’re more creative when we’re tired.

Luckily, they’ve made all the knowledge tangible with the Buffer app, which lets you manage all your social media accounts and schedule posts as you like.

RightInbox (web)

If you’re shy about your habit of writing emails at 4 a.m., RightInbox may be the email scheduling app for you. Not only can you schedule emails (and reminders attached to those emails) at any point, the app tells you when your email’s been opened and even when the links inside your email have been opened.

Sleep Cycle (iOS)

If you’re staying up all night, you need to be strategic about your sleep. You don’t want to wake up in the middle a sleep cycle, but rather at the end of one, so you wake up more alert.


Wunderlist (iOS and Android)

Wunderlist is an all-around to-do list app with multiple lists for projects, assignments, and anything that requires an extra set of organization.

Pocket (iOS and Android)

It’s 11 a.m. and you’ve already been sent 10 emails by co-workers, each of them heralded as the “best thing you’ll ever read, man.” Too bad, because that doesn’t matter–you need to save them for later, like around midnight when you’re at your best.

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