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Estimates Suggest The Air Is The Best-Selling iPad Yet

Apple’s iPad Air went on sale over the weekend, and early estimates predict runaway sales.

Estimates Suggest The Air Is The Best-Selling iPad Yet

Apple hasn’t released any official figures yet, but some initial estimates of sales figures for the new iPad Air are impressive. Fiksu Inc., an app marketer, has analyzed data from “millions” of devices that use its clients’ apps and concludes iPad Air adoption is about five times greater than that for 2012’s iPad 4.

Ficksu’s chart is an eye-popping one:

The data isn’t conclusive of course, because it doesn’t give us hard iPad sales numbers. Nor does the measurement necessarily scale 1:1 into actual iPad sales–a number of other factors, such as differing choices of app among users, could also play a part. But last year when Apple revealed its first weekend iPad sales, aggregating the iPad Mini and iPad 4’s figures together, it noted that 3 million were sold. Adding this to Fiksu’s data could mean that anywhere between 5 million and 10 million iPad Airs were sold this last weekend.

What can we take from this? It’s likely that recently reported dips in iPad sales were due to consumers waiting to buy the updated device. And it seems pretty certain Apple will assume a commanding lead in tablet sales in the holiday. Considering that the iPad is becoming a critical part of Apple’s overall revenues, this is big news.

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