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This Is How To Do Corporate Tweets Customers Actually Love

Tesco Mobile's sassy responses to less-than-flattering tweets from customers get an A+ from the Twitterverse.

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Tesco Mobile isn't exactly the U.K.'s sexiest mobile network. But you'd never know it upon first glance at some of the sassy tweets it sends out to Twitter users who say less-than-flattering things about the company's services.

For the past several months, Tesco has been working with the digital agency Jam to roll out a cheeky ad campaign that involves funny, often-sarcastic remarks directed toward negative commenters, often accompanied by a #nojoke hashtag as a hat tip to the campaign's official slogan, "There's nothing funny about Tesco Mobile."

So far, the strategy seems to be working: Tesco's witty ways have earned it thousands of favorites and retweets. We think even @urtweetsrbad would give Tesco a pass.

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