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Vevo Seriously Overhauls Its Music Video Service

Music video site Vevo has changed how it looks and feels to watch content there.

Vevo Seriously Overhauls Its Music Video Service

Vevo is launching what it calls a “ground-up rebuild” of its web and mobile apps, with the new design hitting the web today and apps over the next few weeks. The music video site now has a much more active front page with a news feed-style list of content to tempt users to watch versus its original more cover art-centric design.

Vevo’s boosting its Vevo TV system, a channel-like service that streams music videos all day. TV is being given a more prominent place on the homepage, and will have genre-based channels like pop and country. There’s also a better search function and what the company calls “even better ads!”

What does this mean for you? If you’re a habitual Vevo watcher it will feel very different to use the site now. From the company’s point of view the move is all about consolidating the experience that its users get on both the website and via the apps, and also trying to keep its users on site by making it easier to discover new music. Vevo is evidently conscious of the explosion in music streaming services of all types–even if most of them aren’t about video.

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