AT&T Mulls Buying Vodafone: This Is Big

As in really big. You may think it’s a long way down the block to the store, but this is much bigger.

AT&T Mulls Buying Vodafone: This Is Big
[Image: Flickr user Jonathan Oakley]

AT&T is reportedly considering buying one of Europe’s biggest cell phone providers–Vodafone.

What’s the practical upshot of this for you as a consumer? It may be quite big. European cell phone networks have generally been more innovative than their U.S. cousins and the European Union’s stern regulations are trying to ensure that the market is flat and that the companies aren’t nickel and dime-ing their clients with charges like roaming fees for voice and data. Any positive influence like this that AT&T could bring back to the U.S. market would be welcome, especially if you consider that an AT&T-owned European network would make for very cheap calls and data when you’re on vacation.

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