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To Increase Security, Twitter Considers Encrypting Direct Messages

Although Twitter's content is mostly public, the firm is said to be looking into ways of making the private stuff stay that way.

To Increase Security, Twitter Considers Encrypting Direct Messages

[Image: Instagram user Addy Dugdale]

Twitter is eyeing encryption for its Direct Messaging service. The social-slash-microblog site, on the eve of its stock market debut, has been looking into the idea, as the NSA revelations grow ever more lurid. Of all the big tech firms, Twitter has probably been the least affected by the actions of the government agency in charge of eavesdropping, due to the fact that the majority of its user content is public. Last month, it announced it was shaking up DM by allowing tweeps to message anyone else on the service, rather than just people who followed each other.

Google and Yahoo, whose data centers were broken into by the NSA, along with LinkedIn, and Facebook have expressed their distaste with the state for its cavalier attitude to civilian data, and have started increasing security on their services. Google uses SSL as a default setting for some users of its search engine, while Facebook is busy adding Perfect Forward Secrecy to its services.