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Google's Mysterious Barges Could Be Special Google X Showrooms

The lowdown on Google's barges is that they're floating invite-only PR vehicles.

[Image: Flickr user Threat to Democracy]

The mystery fog surrounding Google's shipping container barges moored on the coasts of the U.S. may have been slightly lifted, only to settle back down again.

The current word from sources is that the barges are special invite-only showrooms where interested parties can experience some of Google's "X" projects—one of which is, of course, Glass.

But why the barges? The spaces are said to be configurable and dynamic, so they can be quickly disassembled and reused in a different way—perhaps afloat on Monday to demo one type of tech, and at a different land location the next for another X product demo. Google has reportedly been working on the barges, which have three floors of show space and a "party deck," for a year.

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