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Fast Feed Is Getting Some Help From The Tech Industry

Google, Oracle Corp., and Red Hat Inc. are rushing to the rescue, offering up engineers and programmers. Is Getting Some Help From The Tech Industry

[Image: Flickr user Kevin Konnyu]

President Obama's troubled site is reportedly getting a little help from the tech industry. Google, Oracle Corp (the world’s largest database-software maker), and Red Hat have signed on to help fix the site, the rollout of which has—for lack of a better word—sucked. Between inaccurate price quotes and widespread inaccessibility, the site has faced an onslaught of anger and criticism.

The three companies are sending dozens of computer engineers and programmers to help the site. The help comes 11 days after the Obama administration began soliciting a "tech surge" as its strategic solution. If this doesn't work, maybe they should just open source it?