Twitter’s @MagicRecs Sending You Bad Recommendations? Now You Can Let It Know

Twitter is tweaking its experiment in “magically” surfacing the tweets and users you need to know by letting users send feedback.

Twitter’s @MagicRecs Sending You Bad Recommendations? Now You Can Let It Know
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For several months, many of us at Fast Company have been following a Twitter account called @MagicRecs. It’s an automated Twitter account with a “magic” algorithm that surfaces tweets and users it thinks you should know about, based on what the people you follow are doing. If lots of people you follow are all favoriting or retweeting something, or start following a new account, @MagicRecs will send you a direct message or push notification.


Twitter’s experimenting with new ways to let users tell @MagicRecs which kinds of recommendations they’d like to receive. Now, you can send the @MagicRecs Twitter account a direct message with these commands:

“Hi,” “hello,” or “hey” will send back a greeting from @MagicRecs.
“Help” will return a list of options.
“Tweets on/off” lets you turn @MagicRec’s interesting tweets recommendations on or off.
“Users on/off” lets you turn @MagicRec’s interesting users recommendations on or off.
“Good” and “Bad” let @MagicRecs know whether you’re enjoying the things it’s recommending.

@MagicRecs users: What has your experience been like with the service so far? What do you like or dislike about it? Tell us in the comments.

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