Live Long And Prosper With These 5 Free Apps

They’ll help you get rid of that nasty candy hangover. And shop for sweaters. Hey, it’s sweater weather!

If you’re in the market for a new television series to take over your life, need a new email app, or feel like blowing off some steam with a pair of new pants, this edition of Free App Friday is for you.


As always, while they’re free now, we can’t guarantee how long they’ll last–so don’t wait too long.

Cameo (iOS)

The world of mobile video is brimming with new possibilities. Cameo is one example of this, allowing users to splice together six-second clips (think about the flow, man) paired with fun filters and effects.

The result is pretty cool:

Trek Guide (Android)

The author of this article is not going to pretend that he’s watched Star Trek, or has any sort of knowledge on the franchise. For those who do, however, this app is worth its weight in gold.


Who are we kidding? Nerd out, Trekies!

Cloud Magic (iOS and Android)

Maybe this really is the email client to do it all?

Cloud Magic’s selling point is its “lightning fast, powerful email search,” which, let’s be honest, can be pretty atrocious in your everyday email app. Otherwise, you’ll find everything you’ve come to expect: A unified inbox, folders/labels, and reminders.

It also works with email accounts from Gmail, Exchange, to (gasp!) Hotmail–but if you need more than three accounts, you’ll have to upgrade to a pro version.

Contacts + (Android)


Contacts + is more than a list of your contacts–it’s kind of like an organizer for all your different forms of communications. It allows you to consolidate your Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, or LinkedIn accounts (among others) into one manageable place. Oh, it also lets you send free text messages from your phone, which is always a plus.

Gilt (iOS and Android)

You’ve heard about Gilt, right? The web shopping giant just rolled out a redesigned app. So you can shop ’til you drop serious cash! Just in time for a new winter wardrobe.


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