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Fashion Genius Does For Clothes What Rap Genius Does For Lyrics

More a "what the heck are they wearing?" than a "what not to wear."

Fashion Genius Does For Clothes What Rap Genius Does For Lyrics

[Image: Flickr user Roberto Trm]

From the fertile ground of Rap Genius, that inimitable source of rap song lyrics and occasionally useful statistics (did you know peak references to Obama happened in 2008?), springs a brand-new endeavor: Fashion Genius. This service is all about analysis of what, er, clothes wearers are, ahem, wearing...

Rap Genius cofounder Mahbod Moghadam excitedly explained the idea to Fast Company: It's going to allow "the wearer to analyze the outfit, not like LuckyMag—when you discuss and parse something it helps you decide whether or not you ought to buy it, creating a forum which I could see evolving into a Pinterest-esque degree of profitability (not that that is what we're after—we are already rich from hedge fund jobs and whatnot. We simply want to make the youth analyze texts and images closely)."

Moghadam is excited, he says, because this is his "first foray into analysis of images, not simply text—Art Genius will be the crown jewel of the Genius Empire. The fact that this foray involves hotties as well makes it a terribly exciting prospect."

So, from rap to food to poetry to illnesses to... the rag trade. Genius? Possibly. High digital theater? For sure. On the other hand, if you absolutely definitely need to know exactly what Jennifer, or RiRi are wearing, it's going to be handy, no?