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All Grown Up: Kickstarter Announces Big Management Changes

Kickstarter has grown into a serious company, and is likely considering taking the business in big new directions.

[Image: Flickr user Pete]

After five years of rapid growth that's seen Kickstarter become the best-known crowdsourcing site in the world, the company is letting the world know about some big changes in its top management team: All three cofounders are moving into new positions.

Perry Chen, currently CEO, is becoming the company's chairman—stepping deliberately away from the day-to-day demands in an effort to fashion the company's long-term strategy. Yancey Strickler is taking over the CEO role, after being instrumental in the development and back-office support for the small company for years. Charles Adler is taking an opportunity to connect with his family and look at "new challenges," and will remain only in an "adviser" role at Kickstarter.

What does this mean? Not much immediately, since two of the key minds behind Kickstarter are still in control. But it's definitely a sign that Kickstarter has grown into a serious company, and is now considering consolidating its business and taking it in big new directions. Considering how influential the 68-person company already is, this could mean we can expect some interesting developments over the next year. But, it's unlikely we'll see Kickstarter sell itself.

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